We are excited to announce that the Environment Council, with the support of our lake associations and the
Stony Lake Heritage Foundation, is launching an innovative new program in 2020.

Meet our Lake Guardian team – a group of dedicated scientists and students (aged 17 - 30) who have volunteered to photograph, research, monitor and map (using iNaturalist) aquatic plants, turtles, Starry stonewort, and more, in our lakes. In addition to logging valuable field experience and training with skilled researchers and academics, these Lake Guardians will help us at EC stay current by contributing articles on topical issues to our website and newsletter. In an age of increasing stressors on our aquatic ecosystem their work this summer will help build vital awareness of – and capacity for – environmental monitoring around Clear, Ston(e)y and White Lakes.

All in a day's work for these future environmental leaders.

To help support this program, click here. To read the first instalment of the Lake Guardians' Field Notes, follow the link, below.



Roz Shepherd is going into her third year of Environmental and Resource Science at Trent University. She grew up coming to Stoney Lake and has spent hours looking at and studying the plants and animals here. She thinks getting to know this place is what made her realize she wanted to study the environment! Roz is excited to take part in ecosystem monitoring this summer, and to do her part helping to understand and care for the Kawartha lakes!



Madeline has a Bachelor of Science in Biodiversity from the University of Guelph and a Diploma in Ecosystem Management Technology from Sir Sanford Fleming College. When she isn’t outside for a hike to find insects, Madeline enjoys spending time with her family or going camping. She’s the pet-parent of a black Labrador, a corn snake, and a cat. She aspires to work on invasive insect management in forests. Madeline has experience conducting lake monitoring and project planning, so she is very excited to help the Lake Guardians in their goals.



Annalise Buchowski is in her 4th year of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University, and a full-time resident of Ston(e)y Lake. As a student, her favourite areas of study surround water resources and water quality. She has held previous positions in community outreach through Halton Region's Storm Water Management Program and Trent University's Eco-Mentorship Program. Her spare time is spent exploring local trails and nature areas, and spending as much time on the water as possible.



Molly is a student at Greenwood College School in Toronto and will be entering grade 12 in the fall. She is passionate about environmental issues and hopes to study environmental science in university with a focus on oceans and water systems. Molly’s other interests include photography, cooking and baking, and spending time in nature. She has spent the last 13 summers at her family’s cottage near Kawartha Park Marina, attending programs at both Juniper Island and Camp Kawartha. Molly is excited to volunteer with the Lake Guardian program this summer, and in particular, learn more about environmental concerns around the lake and gain experience monitoring water ecosystems.



Kaleigh is going into her third year of the Ecological Restoration joint program through Fleming College and Trent University. She is passionate about aquatic ecosystems with particular interest in habitat quality and water chemistry. She believes that water is the element that ties all living and non-living things together, so it should be a focal point in a healthy relationship between the community and environment. Her career goal is to work in coral restoration after a life-changing dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Kaleigh is looking forward to participating in the Lake Guardians program to build on her experience with invasive aquatic macrophytes and learn more about freshwater indicator species.



A recent graduate from the Fleming College Ecosystem Management Technician program, Kimberly will be pursuing a second diploma in the fall to become a GIS Applications Specialist. Kimberly has experience in community outreach, aquatic and terrestrial plant identification, With an interest in Benthic Invertebrate studies, she plans to obtain the OBBN certification in the Spring 2021. In her off time, you can find Kimberly exploring nature with her Siberian Husky or tending to her container garden. Please don't hesitate to say hello or ask questions if you see Kimberly out on the lake.