It's looks though 2020 is a big year in the Kawarthas for the destructive Gypsy Moth, an invasive species that feeds mostly on oak trees but it also found on other hardwoods, such as maple, birch, poplar and willow. And here's some bad news: they also feed on white pines. Its population is known to surge every six or seven years, and during these outbreak years, the caterpillars are seen everywhere, and have been known to completely defoliate trees. If these pests are an issue on your property, please do not spray pesticides or insecticides as these chemicals are often highly toxic as carcinogens, endocrine disrupters and attack the central nervous system of many animals including humans. A good natural remedy: mix equal parts water, soap and vegetable oil in a spray bottle. (EC members have had good success with this method.) Another solution is to wrap the trunk in burlap. The caterpillars will hide in there on a hot day. Remove the burlap and drop it in a pail of soapy water.

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