Calm Lake


EC Executive

Chair Ed Paleczny • Vice Chair John Huycke • Treasurer Michael Harper • Research & Planning Lead Roz Moore • Communications Jennifer David, Lois Wallace

EC Task Teams

Septic Re-inspection Advocacy: Rob Little, Lois Wallace

Shoreline Protection Strategy: Rob Little, Bill Ratcliff, Lois Wallace

Dissolved Oxygen Study: Roz Moore, Tim Moore, Ralph Reed, Jeff Chalmers

County Official Plan Amendment Input: Roz Moore, Rob Little 

Lake Association Representatives

Association of Stony Lake Cottagers (ASLC): John Huycke

Birchcliff Property Owners Association (BPOA): Bill Ratcliff

Juniper Point Cottage Owners Association (JPCOA): Ralph Reed

Kawartha Park Cottagers Association (KPCA): Michelle Newton

Upper Stoney Lake Association (USLA): Jacqueline Ouellette

White Lake Association (WLA): TBD

Township Liaison Representatives

Douro-Dummer: Tom Watts, Councillor

North Kawartha: Roman Miszuk, Councillor

Selwyn: Rob Lamarre, Manager, Building & Planning

Trent Lakes: Kim Letto, Councillor


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