Sources of support

The Environment Council for Clear, Ston(e)y and White Lakes relies on three main sources of funding – private donations made through the Stony Lake Heritage Foundation, grants and donations for special projects obtained through funding programs offered by governments, corporations and foundations, and support from the property owner and cottage associations around the lakes.

The Heritage Foundation’s generous financial support has provided the Environment Council and its predecessor the Lake Plan Steering Committee with more than $20,000 over the last decade. Most of these funds were directed to the development of the Lake Plan and publication of the report, and to the multi-year Wetland Evaluation Project. A $15,000 grant from the Trillium foundation was used to fund Lake Plan project research and the report.

Further funds for the Wetland/Species at Risk Project were provided by Environment Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Otonabee Region Conservation Foundation and the RBC Bluewater Project. Funds held by the former Ston(e)y Lake Environment Council were transferred into the Lake Plan and Wetlands Projects in 2009.

The Stony Lake Heritage Foundation continues to generously support our work by funding special projects such as our Shoreline Evaluation and Restoration Program.

The value of these grants and donations is multiplied by countless hours of volunteer time. Our entire organization is made up of volunteers and we use the funding we obtain very carefully, giving donors good value for their contributions.