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The Environment Council for Clear, Ston(e)y and White Lakes is a volunteer, member-based, non-profit group. Our goal is to preserve and enhance the sustainability of the local watershed environment for future generations of humans and wildlife. (Photo by Ariana Kaminsky.)


Once again this season the Kawartha Lake Stewards Association (KLSA) is delivering the amazing Natural Edge shoreline restoration program to our lakes, and they are looking for homeowners hoping to naturalize their waterfront area and volunteers to help with the planting. Beautiful, naturalized shorelines have so many benefits – for participating landowners and for the health of our lakes. To get involved, contact Kim Ong (details in poster below) or reach out to us via the contact form on this website. For more information about what we mean by "healthy shorelines" and how they benefit our lake environment, click the link below.


The Issues


Healthy Shorelines

Naturalized shorelines are a huge contributor to the health of our lakes. They diminish run-off, provide habitat and food for wildlife, prevent erosion, and improve our lake water quality. (And – bonus! – they inhibit geese.) To learn more about naturalized shorelines – why they're so important and how to create one on your own waterfront – click below.

 Starry stonewort

Starry stonewort (SSW) is an aggressive, invasive macro alga that has spread rapidly throughout the Kawartha lakes, having previously established itself in the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence, Lake Simcoe and other lakes. While there is presently no way to rid our lakes of this damaging species it's vital that we learn to prevent its spread.



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